Manuel Corpas is a professional baseball player from Panama who plays as a pitcher while specializing in closing the game. Corpas was a young starter in baseball, being picked up at the age of 16 by the Colorado Rockies. The Rockies signed Corpas as a free agent after he went undrafted and put him into their minor league structure through which, he rose until his MLB debut in July, 2006.

He moved up through the ranks at the Casper Ghosts in the Rookie League and then to the Short A-League Tri-City Dust Devils. He moved up the ladder quite slowly but steadily and soon, he was on the verge of joining the MLB Roster after 7 years in the minors.

Despite coming up, he was barely a part of the rotation and in 2007, after the All-Star Break, he was sent down to the Chicago Sky Sox, in the AAA-League due to a terrible 8-game losing streak for the club, 4 of which were attributed to Corpas. Corpas bounced back strongly and on returning to the Rockies, ended the season with a 4-2 record and a 2.08 ERA. In the 22 chances he got, Corpas made 19 saves and became a regular closer for the team even in the post season.

Team 159 colorado rockies Colorado Rockies
Position Pitcher
Born 3 Dec 1982
Nationality Panama Panama
Nickname Manny
Team History
159 colorado rockies Colorado Rockies 2006 - present

In 2008, Corpas was the main closer at the beginning of the season however, with time, errors crept in a Fuentes replaced him at the closer’s spot by late April. In 2009, the presence of Huston Street posed another threat to his closer’s position and after Spring Training, Street clearly emerged as the better closer. That meant that Corpas would be playing the role of the 8th inning set-up man instead.

However, Street was not in good touch and that led to Corpas regaining the closing role in April. But the see-saw battle between the two teammates continued as another string of poor performances by Corpas led to the position being handed back to Street within a month.

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