Clint Barmes

Team Colorado Rockies Colorado Rockies
Position Shortstop
Born Mar 6, 1979
Nationality United States United States
Team History
Colorado Rockies Colorado Rockies 2003 - present

Clint Harold Barmes is a professional baseball player from the USA and specializes as a shortstop and a second baseman. Barmes is a graduate of Indiana State University where he was one of the stars in their baseball team. In 2000, Barmes was picked by the Colorado Rockies in the MLB Draft in the 10th round.

He began at the lower A-Division and slowly made his way up the ladder to make his MLB debut in 2003. Barmes just got 12 games in his debut season and batted at .320 in 25 at-bats. The following year, he got 20 games and batted at .282 in 71 at-bats. Barmes was getting more opportunities as the Rockies’ faith in him grew.

By 2005, Barmes was a regular member of the team and was a part of 81 games that season. He hit 10 home runs while batting at .289 and had 46 RBI to is name. Although he had made his debut in 2003, he had spent most of 2003, and 2004, jumping between the AAA-League and the Majors. Therefore, 2005 became his official rookie year and Barmes was named the National League Rookie of the Month in April 2005 after batting at .410 with 4 home runs in his name along with 14 RBI. He thus became only the third player in the history of MLB to hit over .400 in March/April.

In June, Barmes was struck by injury and was kept out of the roster for a long time. Barmes broke his left collarbone after falling while carrying a large slab of meat gifted to him by teammate Todd Helton. Barmes came back after surgery to lead the NL with a .400 batting average. However, he would hit a small slump later in the season and that, along with injury, meant that he was no longer a front runner for the Rookie of the Year title.

In 2006, although Barmes was expected to post a number of highs, he only managed a .220 batting average despite career highs in many other areas.

In 2007, since spring training, Barmes would be competing for a roster spot with Troy Tulowitzki. Barmes failed to rise to the occasion, mimicking his 2006 season performance. Tulowitzki became the starting shortstop and Barmes was sent down to the AAA-League Colorado Springs Sky Sox. An injury to Kazuo Matsui meant that Barmes would get another shot at the Majors and this time, he would play at second base. Barmes came, played and was then sent down again to the AAA-League.

In 2008. Tulowitzki would finally set himself permanently into the role of shortstop, beating three other contenders for it. Despite an injury later on in the season, Barmes came back and never looked like he was out of it. He played at second base for the remaining part of the season.

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