Aaron Lane Cook is a professional baseball player from the United States of America who plays as a starting pitcher. Cook began his professional career at the big leagues with the Colorado Rockies in 2002. He began his climb up the minor league structure and by 2004, was established in the Rockies’ lineup.

Cook had a string of bad luck in 2004 when regular tests found that there were blood clots in his shoulder. Dizzy spells and shortness of breath were signs that got him into the hospital resulted in an extensive surgery. By the time Cook returned to action, he only managed 12 games for the 2005 season, ending with a 7-1 record with a 3.07 ERA.

His recovery and performance thereafter, won Cook the Tony Conigliaro award.

Team 159 colorado rockies Colorado Rockies
Position Pitcher
Born 8 Feb 1979
Nationality United States United States
Team History
159 colorado rockies Colorado Rockies 2002 - present

In 2007, Cook was pitching when Craig Biggio came up for his 3000th hit at Minute Maid Park. Cook allowed Biggio to get his record. The next season, he had an 11-5 record with a 3.38 ERA. This performance got him an extension on his contract and a guaranteed $30 million that would see him get through with the Rockies till 2012.

This also got him into the 2008 All-Star game for the first time. At the All-Star game, he pitched three scoreless innings and was a strong contender for the MVP in the All-Star game.

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