Daniel Ray Herrera is a professional baseball player from the United States of America and plays as a pitcher. Ray is known to specialize in the screwball pitch. Ray attended the Permian High School in Odessa before graduating and playing for the University of New Mexico.

Ray had a 2.24 ERA with the Lobos in 2006 and had a 10-0 perfect win-loss record. He had pitched just over 128 innings and had 104 strikeouts to his name. Ray was named to the Louisville Slugger All American’s second team and was also named to the third team of Baseball America’s All-American lineup.

In the 2008 season, the Cincinnati Reds decided to pick Ray Herrera to represent them on the baseball field. Although he had a decent debut, he was soon sent down to the AAA-League with the Louisville Bats. He came back for another game and was soon sent down again. He came back for another session in the top flight and had another appearance where he pitched for 2 innings but gave away 3-runs off 4-hits.

Team 153 cincinnati reds Cincinnati Reds
Position Pitcher
Born 21 Oct 1984
Nationality United States United States
Team History
153 cincinnati reds Cincinnati Reds 2008 - present

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