Michael George Lincoln is a professional American baseball player and specializes as a relief pitcher. Lincoln moved around a bit in his college days and was at the Casa Roble High School before graduating and moving to the American River College. Lincoln took a transfer midway through his college years and moved to the University of Tennessee.

In the 1996 MLB Draft, the Minnesota Twins picked Lincoln up in the 13th round. However, playing through the A-, AA- and AAA-League affiliates of the Twins, Lincoln finally made his debut in April, 1999. With the Twins, Lincoln began his career at the A-League with the Fort Myers’ Miracle. He stayed in the A-League for a couple of years before moving to the New Britain Rock Cats. In 1999, Lincoln played for the Salt Lake Buzz before being called up to the Major Leagues for a little while.

However, he was unable to sustain his position but was soon back at the Salt Lake Buzz for another year. In 2000, the Twins decided to send him to the Pittsburgh Pirates. For the next three seasons, Lincoln was bouncing between the AAA-League as well as the Major League. In his first season with the Pirates, Lincoln had a 2.68 ERA in 31 games that season. He played 55 games the following season with a 3.11 ERA before spending a lot more time playing in the AAA-League in 2003.

Team Cincinnati Reds Cincinnati Reds
Position Pitcher
Born 10 Apr 1975
Nationality United States United States
Team History
Cincinnati Reds Cincinnati Reds 2008 - present
St Louis Cardinals St Louis Cardinals 2004
Pittsburgh Pirates Pittsburgh Pirates 2001 - 2003
Minnesota Twins Minnesota Twins 1999 - 2000

In 2004, Lincoln moved to the St. Louis Cardinals as a free agent and at the end of the year, was out of a contract again. It wasn’t until 2008 again that Lincoln played professionally again for a Major League franchise. It was in February that the Cincinnati Reds called upon Lincoln to attend spring training. Lincoln performed well enough to make the team that year. He put up a 2-5 performance with a 4.48 ERA in 64 games for the Reds and was rewarded with a 2-year contract with the team.

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