Alexander Gonzalez

Position Shortstop
Born Feb 15, 1977
Nationality Venezuela Venezuela

Alexander Luis Gonzalez is a professional baseball player from Venezuela who plays as a shortstop. In 1998, Gonzalez signed up with the Florida Marlins and stayed with the team for 7 seasons. Fast and agile, Gonzalez was excellent in defense and that contributed to his All-Star selection in 1999. A great player for the bunt, Gonzalez was also known to hit the ball with incredible force when required.

In 2001, he had 26 errors to his name, the most by any shortstop in the field. His seasons went by almost unnoticed until the 2004 season. He had 23 home runs with 79 RBI and 561 at-bats in 159 appearances – all career highs.

In 2006, he moved to the Boston Red Sox as a free agent to fill the gap left open by Edgar Renteria after his move to the Atlanta Braves. Gonzalez had 32 errors that year, the sum total of his last two years put together. At the end of the season, he signed up with the Cincinnati Reds in a 3-year deal worth $14 million. He fractured his left knee in 2008 and missed the entire season.

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