*Felix Abraham Hernandez’ was born on April 8, 1986 in Valencia, Venezuela. He is a starting pitcher for the Seattle Mariners. *Minors’Felix signed as a nondrafted free agent with the Mariners on July 4, 2002.

He made his way through the Mariners’ farm system quickly.

Major LeaguesFelix made his major league debut on August 4, 2005, in a 3-1 loss in a road game against the Detroit Tigers. At 19 years, 118 days, he was the youngest pitcher to appear in the major leagues since José Rijo in 1984.

Team 172 seattle mariners Seattle Mariners
Position Pitcher
Born 8 Apr 1986
Nationality Venezuela Venezuela
Nickname King Felix
Team History
172 seattle mariners Seattle Mariners 2005 - present

Felix has been hampered by injuries throughout his young career - shoulder bursistis, shin splints, and so on. He also has a tendency to overweight.

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