Chad Bradford is a former professional baseball player in Major League Baseball (MLB). He played for teams such as the Chicago White Sox, Boston Red Sox, New York Mets, and more. Bradford was a relief pitcher and he was known for his unique “extreme submarine-style” pitching. He had a slow fastball, which is recorded only at the 80mph range.

Bradford is depicted in the book Moneyball by Michael Lewis. In the 2011 movie, Bradford was portrayed by Casey Bond.

Player Bio and Personal Life

Bradford was born on September 14, 1974, in Byram, Mississippi. He stands 6 feet 5 inches tall and his listed weight is 205 pounds. He is a right-handed player and bats with his right and throws with his right as well.

Position Pitcher
Height / weight 1.96 m / 92 kg
Born 14 Sep 1974
Nationality United States United States
Team History
164 tampa bay rays Tampa Bay Rays 2008 - 2009
163 baltimore orioles Baltimore Orioles 2007 - 2008
50 new york mets New York Mets 2006
25 boston red sox Boston Red Sox 2005
171 oakland athletics Oakland Athletics 2001 - 2004
51 chicago white sox Chicago White Sox 1998 - 2000

His dad introduced him to the sport. However, his father was partially paralyzed as a result of a stroke. This led to underhanded throws whenever he and Chad would play. Moneyball author speculates that this may have led to Bradford’s unique pitching style.

He is married to Jenny Bradford and they have a son and a daughter. They currently live in Raymond, Mississippi.

Pre-Professional Career

Unlike a majority of the players in the MLB, Bradford did not show much promise as a player at a young age. It was in high school where he learned to play in signature style. It led to enough success that he earned a spot on the baseball teams at the Hinds Community College and the University of Southern Mississippi.

Drafted into the MLB Twice by the White Sox

Bradford was drafted by the Chicago White Sox in 1996 but he opted to stay in college and finish his last two years. In 1996, he was again drafted into the MLB by the White Sox. This time, he was drafted in the 13th round.

He made his debut in the MLB at the age of 23 on August 1, 1998. He would later be loaned to the Charlotte Knights where he would spend the majority of the 1999 season. He would be called back up in 2000.

Oakland Athletics, the Red Sox, the Mets, Orioles, and the Rays

The White Sox traded Bradford for Miguel Olivo to the Oakland Athletics. He would play with them from 2001 to 2004. In 2004, he was put on the disabled list because of mounting back pain. In another trade, Bradford would be transferred to the Boston Red Sox. He would play with them for one season.

As a free agent the following season, he would sign with the New York Mets. After a good year with the Mets, he signed a three-year deal with the Baltimore Orioles but would be traded to the Tampa Bay Rays a year later.

The Rays would be the last team on the MLB that Bradford would play for. He would spend most of the first season with the Rays on the disabled list. He was having back problems and pain issues.

His last appearance in the MLB was in September 2009.

Win-loss record: 36–28Earned run average: 3.26Strikeouts: 313

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