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Week one Chicago Cubs

After week one the Cubs were 3-2 through their first 5 games. With a 3-0 loss the first game where Jon Lester played under his potential but still had a decent outing. A big thing every Cubs fan will be happy about is our bullpen pitched fantastic through all 5 games. They only gave up 5 runs and just under 20 strikeouts. This bullpen has 5-6 versatile arms and can last the whole year and hopefully pitches this way the whole year so Cubs fans can finally have a good, faithful bullpen since 2010.

The brightest spot through the first 5 games is that Jake Arrieta started off the way he ended last inning going 0 runs 7 strikeouts and 3 walks through seven in a shutout victory last Wednesday. Though the pitching has been decent it will get better after Lester gets his grove, Kyle Hendricks and Jason Hammel get into shape, the Cubs rotation has potential.

The low of the week would be the slow start offfensively. I believe the pressure put on the Cubs preseason is making young stars like Rizzo and Soler nervous. The offense started to show some life the last 2 games against the Rockies where the Cubs had 4 homers and 15 runs. The offense is nothing to worry about because in the next week and a half the day will finally come when long awaited debut of Kris Bryant will occur. Mark my words this young hitter will start off strong and pull this young team into a long stretch where they will be sound offensively and defensively. Hopefully lead to a playoff berth this year. If this isn’t out year it will be for many years to come.

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