Yankees Sign Sexson

**Sunday, July 27, 2008 – ** Richie Sexson, who was a total bust for the Seattle Mariners after signing a very large contract a few years ago, was released by the Mariners a couple of weeks ago.

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His defense isn’t that great… adequate, but not great… and he can’t hit. Can not hit.

And yet the Yankees signed him.

Their reasoning is that he “hits lefties well,” so they’re going to platoon him at first, against left-handed pitchers.

Well, he went 1-3 in his first start on 7/19, and he’s playing tonight against the Red Sox when pitcher John Lester was on the mound, and he’s gone 1-4 – including a week groundout leading off in the ninth inning when his team needed 7 runs to tie.

I rooted for Sexson while he was at the Mariners…not because I particularly liked him but because I knew that he, like 98% of players, try their very best and don’t deserve to be booed if they give 100% but just can’t hit.

But in Sexson’s tenure with the Mariner’s his bat never came alive, and frankly he should’ve returned half of his salary to the Mariners for not fulfilling his big contract. But of course the Player’s Union wouldn’t allow that, even if Sexson would have done it. That would set a bad precedent.

Nevertheless, Sexson is back at work for the Mariners. I doubt if his batting average will climb up more htan a couple of points… but we will see.

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