Mariano Rivera: The Class Act of New York

In NASA’s history, they have put twelve Americans on the moon. In the MLB postseason, Mariano Rivera has given up eleven earned runs. Enough said. Never had a single athlete been more dominate at his or her job over a longer period of time. And never have there been an athlete been more feared and respected by his opponents.

Enter Sandman have become the drums of an oncoming empire, abolishing anything in it’s path. Young Players hear campfire tales about his dominance. Veterans are filled with respect and fear. The middle ground between the two groups of players is the admiration they show to the longtime closer.

What other athlete have been cheered in the home stadium of his team’s two most hated rivals. Do you believe LeBron James will ever be cheered in Boston and Cleveland? Will Tom Brady ever receive fair well awards in the Meadowlands or Miami? The day that the 2013 MLB season is over for the New York Yankees, they will lose their most constant player and the sport will lose it’s most dominate, and humble player in generations.

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