There are many sports in play today, and there are many fans! But not anyone is well aware of the rules and technicalities of each sport. For baseball, only a few may really understand and memorize word for word every rule in the Baseball Rulebook. If you want to be one of them, well, let us give you a head start. Here are a few rules for quizzical situations in baseball.

When one of the batter’s feet is outside the apportioned batting area (the batter’s box in baseball lingo) then proceeds to hit a foul ball, he is out. However, if this batter manages to hit the ball fair and square yet his ball is repelled or obstructed by the fielder using any article of clothing or baseball gear such as his gloves, the batter is automatically given a walk though from first to third bases. When he gets to third base, he may decide to go on to the home base, but this he does at the risk of getting tagged.

The batter also gets a chance to get to first base after the umpire has called a third strike yet the catcher is unable to catch the ball. However, if for any reason, the batter doesn’t realize that the ball hasn’t been in fact caught and begins walking to his team’s dugout, he would lose his chance at first base unless he realizes his mistake in time - that is, before he gets to the dugout. After a batter reaches the dugout, he is automatically out and he can no longer go to first base.

The team manager or coach, moreover, should not exceed the prescribed number of times that he can consult with a particular pitcher in one inning - and the manager actually only has three free trips in the usual no-extra-innings game. Whenever the coach exceeds this number, the pitcher he talks to in that inning would have to be removed. This rule applies even if the coach does this in a roundabout manner - say, he talks to a base man and then the base man proceeds to talk to the pitcher afterwards; such an action on the base man’s part, if there’s no play between the base man and the pitcher at that time, is apparently for the purpose of indirectly conveying the coach’s instructions to the pitcher. Thus, the result should be the same and the pitcher must still be removed.

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