Yes, baseball has been a famous and well-known sport, but it does not keep itself clean from scandals - gambling scandals, drug scandals and racial scandals. Major league baseball is not any different from other sports.

The Pete Rose Betting Scandal Pete Rose, a very popular hitter from the Cincinnati Reds was accused of betting on major league baseball games (including Cincinnati Reds games!) while he was the team’s manager. Because of this very frightful and grave accusation (which was never proven false), Pete Rose was banned from major league baseball. It was only until 2004 when Rose actually admitted his actions in a book that he published.

Baseball, a Game of Steroids? During the years 2005 and 2006, many investigations have been made on athletes to test them of their drug or alcohol consumption. Because of this, many major league players have been banned from play. It was either they were suspected of using steroids, or they were certified users of steroids. The discovery of the great number of steroid users in major league baseball has become quite alarming, causing people to doubt the veracity of baseball records ever since.

Against the Jews? It may be safe to say that there was a time when Jews were considered as outcasts in the society, but we never really expected this discrimination to last that long. A Jewish baseball player, Hank Greenberg, became a star player in the 1930s and 1940s. In fact, in the year 1938, he was able to record a total of 58 homeruns! Only two homeruns short of Babe Ruth’s record of sixty. Many fans and commoners were shocked by this and pronounced that Greenberg could have even topped that if only the pitchers did not keep on “walking” him. Rumour has it that they did that to prevent a Jewish baseball player from beating the great American Babe Ruth’s baseball record.

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