Cubs and Rockies continue to move in different directions

The Chicago Cubs are the best team in the MLB heading into June, and the team they just swept to complete a perfect homestand is now the worst. The Colorado Rockies were last year’s NL Champions, but now hold the worst record in all of baseball.

The Cubs have been nearly unbeatable at home, but will need to carry that dominance on the road if they hope to stay on top. The Phillies are playing phenomenal ball right now, and the St. Louis Cardinals have returned to form and are only 2.5 games back in the division. The Cubs have been firing on all cylinders and if they remain consistent may finally be in position to make a serious playoff run. Kerry Wood has been outstanding in the pen, and the rotation has gotten the job done, led by Carlos Zambrano and Ryan Dempster. The Cubs’ offense currently ranks first in the NL in runs scored as well.

The Rockies, on the other hand, have been plagued by injuries since the start of the season. Star shortstop Troy Tulowitzki and his backup Clint Barmes were both injured, so now the original third string shortstop, Omar Qunitanilla is starting. Heavy hitting Matt Holliday is also out, and the pitching staff has been ravaged as well. Last year’s Cinderella story has apparently lost both glass slippers and hasn’t shown any signs of finding them.

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