It’s the weekend and the NCAA college softball world series is currently under way. And the scores of the games - each featuring the elite team’s elite pitcher, are very low, 1-0, 2-1, and so on…indicating that the pitcher is dominating the opposing team.

The reason isn’t difficult to figure out. The pitcher stands 43 feet away from the plate, and by the time she finishes her pitch, the ball leaves her hand at about 40 feet from the plate.

Even if it only crosses the plate at 55 miles per hour…the reaction time that the hitter possesses is the equivalent to trying to hit a 95-mile-per-hour baseball.

People like watching batters run the bases, and fielders running down those fly balls - I know I do. So the NCAA, in an attempt to broaden the appeal of women’s softball, is considering moving the pitcher’s mound back another three feet, which will give the batters more of a chance, and the game more fan appeal.

Cathy gale
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