Major League Baseball, also known as MLB, is comprised of both the National League and American League. As the most prestigious level of baseball competition in North America, Major League Baseball consists of teams from both the United States and Canada. Through the years, the sport has celebrated many legends, including Hank Aaron, Johnny Bench, Willie Mays and Nolan Ryan. In recognition of their great accomplishments and contributions to Major League Baseball, these and others are forever honored in Cooperstown, New York’s National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum.

Officially dedicated in 1939, the hall features an unforgettable collection of baseball memorabilia, including artifacts, photos, artwork and more. The museum also features a library, which is said to host the world’s largest collection of material exclusively dedicated to the sport. The Hall of Fame gallery, which houses bronze plaques in honor of the game’s greatest athletes, is a goal that many players reach for and few actually achieve. Of the thousands of players to have ever competed in the major leagues, only a select few are honored with the distinction of being a part of the National Baseball Hall of Fame & Museum.

The election process for Hall of Fame inductees is held annually, and is mainly comprised of former and/or retired players. In some cases, individuals who have made significant contributions to further the sport are also chosen for induction.

Every year, fans visit the Cooperstown area to honor the sport and the athletes that they so dearly love. Those who enjoyed watching Sandy Koufax, Wade Boggs, Bobby Doerr, Carlton Fisk, Kirby Puckett, Brooks Robinson and others can revisit their admiration with the help of the National Baseball Hall of Fame & Museum. In 2009, the hall will celebrate its 70th anniversary. After decades in existence and a new induction ceremony every year, it’s no surprise to see why the institution is a ‘home run’ in the heart of baseball fans everywhere.

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    There is no automatic enratnce regarding stats. Meaning if you bat .350 for your career or have 500 home runs you will automatically get in. That is certainly taken into consideration and would help your chances, but it comes down to the individual baseball writer who is voting. There is also a character clause in the rules which allows voters to take into consideration the personal character of the candidate. So the controversy today is that if you are linked to PEDs, then you did not show hall of fame caliber character. Same with why Pete Rose isn't in it, because he bet on the game and that is a tarnish on his character. Was this answer helpful?