In light of the recent string of controversial home run calls in the past few days, MLB has reportedly put plans together to implement a trial run of instant replay review in the Fall league in Arizona. The exact system has not yet been established. The NHL uses a system involving a central office in Toronto which handles all video reviews, and this has been suggested. Another option would be to have a replay umpire at each major league stadium.

The review would only be applicable to home runs, and would be used to determine whether a ball was fair or foul, if there was fan interference and if a ball actually cleared the fence or not.

This discussion comes on the heels of three blown calls in four days by on field umpires. Sunday night, Carlos Delgado of the New York Mets was awarded a home run even though TV replays showed the ball was foul. Monday, Geovany Soto of the Cubs hit a ball that was ruled to be still in play, although it should have been a home run. (Soto ended up scoring on an inside the park home run anyways) Wednesday, A-Rod hit what should have been his second homer of the game, but it was ruled a double by the on-field officiating crew.

The idea of video review is not new to the MLB. The general managers voted 25-5 last November in favor of instituting some form of video replay review. While the proposal was passed on to Commissioner Selig, there was no time frame or method of implementation suggested.

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    Extraordinary that in two tests we aslomt lost two keepers. I wonder if Prior is thinking already that this test would have been a good one to be injured for? I’ll bet he didn’t expect to spend half a day behind the stumps when England went out to bat. Stuart Clark showed what a lot of us always thought – he should have played all tests. And Siddle finally found his mojo – where’s it been? If Australia win this test all that is needed is to find a place for Phil Hughes.