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Three Strikes for Morneau

Minnesota Twins’ first baseman Justin Morneau was out for the third time in three games after suffering an inner-ear infection. After missing Thursday’s game, Morneau returned to Minnesota for a date with a specialist after experiencing dizziness last weekend.

Morneau, a 3-time MVP as well as the 2006 American League MVP, was examined by team trainers as well as general practitioners however despite taking medication, he was showing little signs of recovery from the problem.A problematic ear>

“They keep saying it should go away eventually, but I’d like it to go away quicker than it has, so it’s time to see a specialist,” Morneau said. Morneau has been out of the Twins’ lineup ever since his fourth inning exit in the series opener against the Texas Rangers. At the time, the player was leading the American League with 94 RBIs while batting at .298 with 28 homers against his name.

“It’s frustrating, that’s all,” said Morneau, who had to watch from the dugout as the Twins completed comeback wins Tuesday and Wednesday. “We’re winning, that makes it easier. But you want to be out there.”

Ron Gardenhire, team manager for the Minnesota-based team, said, “He feels good, then starts moving around and feels bad again. He takes the medicine and he’s supposed to feel better in 24 hours. But it’s the same. Now we go to the next level and see.” Gardenhire believed that it was time that Morneau got a specialist to look at the problem.

Placing Morneau on the disabled list might not be required, according to Gardenhire who is not looking for a replacement for the All-Star player at the moment.

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