Is Brian McCann the “Next Big Hitter” in Major League Baseball?? If you ask his teammates, I’m sure they all would agree. Brian has accomplished more in his first 3 full Major League Baseball seasons than some MLB players accomplish in their entire career.Next Big Hitter?>

Brian McCann was selected by the Atlanta Braves in the 2nd round of the 2002 Major League Baseball Draft. He has since moved quickly through the Braves Minor League system to make his debut with the Atlanta Braves on June 10th, 2005. McCann was named the everyday starting catcher for the Braves soon after.

During his 1st full season as the Braves starting catcher, in 2006, McCann hit for an average of .333. He also hit 24 home runs, which led all Major League Baseball catchers.

McCann was then selected to play in the 2006 MLB ALL-STAR GAME in his first full MLB season. He was also selected to play in both the 2007 and 2008 ALL-STAR GAME which made him the first Braves player ever to be selected to the National League ALL-STAR team in each of his first 3 seasons. He has also won 2 SILVER SLUGGER awards, which makes him 1 of only 4 active catchers with multiple SILVER SLUGGER awards.

Since his debut, Brian McCann has showed NO signs of slowing down. He was selected to participate in the 2009 World Baseball Classic for the United States team. Brian currently leads all MLB catchers in Home-Runs, RBI’s and Doubles.

Within his first 11 games of the 2009 MLB season, Brian has scored 5 Runs, has hit 2 Home-Runs, 3 Doubles, and has 7 RBI’s. He even has the Braves first Stolen Base of this season.

So, I ask you again, Is Brian McCann the “Next Big Hitter” in MLB??? I think the answer is crystal clear. But, if you still have doubts, just check out a couple of Braves games this season and see for yourself and you should agree.

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