It has been said that baseball is the all-American pastime and there is a reason for this. Actually, there are several reasons for this.

For as long as the game has been played families have been enjoying baseball together. They enjoy playing it and watching it. Baseball brings people together. Kids play it on empty lots and on baseball fields. High school students play on organized teams and it is a popular college sport, too.

Baseball can be played by people of all ages and watched by anyone. The sport can be played professionally and by total amateurs. Some players are paid amazing amounts of money to play the game and others do it simply for the love of it.

There are many baseball heroes. Legends throughout the years. Who has not heard of Babe Ruth or Joe DiMaggio? Jackie Robinson and Willie Mays are two other famous players and how could we forget Mickey Mantle? Although many of these guys are no longer living they are certainly not forgotten.

And then there are the teams that no one can forget. Of course all fans have their favorites and greatly enjoy complaining about other teams. Scores are compared and players are scrutinized, criticized and memorialized. The New York Yankees is one of those teams that fans either love or hate. The Chicago Cubs also have quite the history.

Let’s not forget the food and the excitement of the games. What a way to spend an afternoon or evening. Hot dogs and popcorn are just a few of the snacks that fans pack away during a game. Sometimes it’s so hot you can barely breathe and other times you sit in the rain and even have to wait for rain delays.

People come early to watch batting practice and catch a glimpse of their favorite player. They wait for the chance to catch a ball or get an autograph. Many fans collect baseball cards and some of the older ones are worth huge amounts of money.

The all-American pastime is certainly baseball!

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    Baseball good sport

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    I am a massive American Baseball fan – watching and playing – and I thought this was an excellent description. One thing you did miss, however, is one day cricket. Teams are restricted to a certain number of overs (50 or 20, can be less if there’s rain) and have one innings each. Run outs are also more common here as a batsman’s wicket loses value for the need to score quickly. One day cricket gets larger attendances, however it is not as respected as the purest form of the game: Test cricket.

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