Wednesday, August 13, 2008– On Tuesday, the Boston Red Sox aquired pitcher Paul Byrd from the Cleveland Indians, for “cash or a player to be named later.”

paul byrd

The Sox desperately needed a pitcher - Tim Wakefield is on the DL and Clay Buchholz, who pitched a no-hitter in his very first start a couple of years ago, has not impressed since, and is not doing particularly well this season, to say the least.

It’s nice to have a new starting pitcher… the Red Sox might want to look in to getting a new set-up pitcher as well, as the weaknesses in their bullpen were outlined in dramatic fashion on Tuesday when they blew a 10-0 lead (which they’d acquired in the first inning!).

Byrd was not having a particularly good season this year, going 7-10 to date, with a 4.53 ERA, but as the analysts point out, he’s won his last four starts, with an ERA of 1.24. (Which means that 4.53 ERA must have been sky high earlier!)

It’s always difficult when the terms of a trade include “a player to be named later.” The starters can’t help but wonder…is that player going to be them, or someone from the minors? Hopefully that question won’t distract them in the next several weeks as they try to regain the division lead from the Tampa Bay [Devil] Rays, who lead them by 3 games.

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