**Sunday, August 10, 2008 – ** The Seattle Mariners are having an abysmal year, and today was no different. They lost to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, 11-3.

ichiro suzuki

The only bright spot for Mariners fans is that Ichiro Suzuki got two hits, which puts him at 151 on the season.

The problem is, he has only 44 games in which to get the 49 hits which will put him at 200 for the season. That’s going to be tough, as Ichiro started out slow and is just now starting to come on…but you can bet he won’t be sat down by the Mariners as they bring players up for a taste of the majors in September.

Ichiro has seven 200-hit seasons in a row, and is tied with Wade Boggs for the most such seasons. It is only if Ichiro can get 200 hits this year that he can hold the record all by himself.

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