Sunday, August 10, 2008 – Clay Buchholz threw two bad pitches in his outing against the Chicago White Sox on Sunday afternoon, but they were enough to seal his doom, as the White Sox beat the Boston Red Sox 6-5 at Chicago.

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Jacoby Ellsbury, who returned to the lead-off spot after a couple of weeks at the bottom of the lineup, had a bad day at the plate for the first time in a while, going 0-4.

Power hitter David Ortiz was also unable to come through for the team, and catcher Jason Varitek’s woes at the plate continue as well.

Meantime, Jason Bay continues to get hits and knock in runs, although he was unable to get his team the tie or the win this time.

Buchholz gave up two home runs in the third inning, one to Carlos Quentin who tied the game (after Boston had jumped ahead in the first inning thanks to a home run by Mike Lowell), and then one to Jim Thome who put the White Sox ahead by two.

The Red Sox]] managed to battle back, but were unable to get a key two-out hit with the bases loaded, on two separate occasions.

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