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White and Blue LA: Dodgers vs. Angels Upcoming

World Series is an ultimate goal for every team in the MLB, and with Dodgers climbing back to the very top of their game at the moment, with a few drawbacks let’s be honest, we are getting quite a mixed show with 24 games won so far. Let’s take a moment and evaluate what we can expect from our beloved team in the next period and especially from the game that they are facing this September, against their inner-city sworn rivals, Angels of Anaheim.

First of all, let’s just address the rotation, since it finally looks like we stopped caring about star line-up with a goal to entertain the crowd without achieving that much, and now we are introducing serious players making this team high-caliber performance better than expected. Sadly, if you were living under a rock since the beginning of this year’s season, it looks like we definitely have to forget about our lefty Hyun-Jin Rye this year, and wish him well in his recovery. At this point he is recovering from the surgery and our hearts and hopes remain with him, but the season still continues.

We are getting best possible runs, especially with a young star Yasiel Puig limited to only 11 games due to his hamstring injury, with a total average of more than 5 runs per game which is amazing at this moment. With all eyes pointed at Joc Pederson, who continues to surprise us, we are getting an amazing average, and not just from the hitters! In fact, the whole team is performing in above average, and it took some time to finally see some results, but this matter is yet to be resolved. After all, we have a reputation that has to be honoured.

So what about those Angels?

So what about them? It’s not like they are living up to expectations. It was projected that the Dodgers can’t match the catcher Chris Iannetta, but, with all due respect, even he is far from his best performance. Angels are having a rough season, and it is going to be fun to watch Howie Kendrick playing against his former team members. This man drove in 75 runs in total last year, and at this moment he is at the very top of his career, which might be surprising for the age of 31, but his offence is impeccable. Let’s see Josh Rutledge response to that. We have to give it up for Angels Garrett Richards, reaching his best performance even with a bad knee, but let’s not even compare him to Clayton Kershaw who is simply dominating the field. With three of the top eleven prospects in the league, and with a strong young core, the Dodgers are certainly on their prime game at the moment. We have to worry about our roster still, but we can’t say that it’s not getting better. When it comes to upcoming Dodgers vs. Angels game in our home town, we are all aware how many stings we had in the past, and the fans will certainly crowd the stadium. We maybe do play favors, and it is going to get rough out there on the field, but at least we can expect a lot of fun from these two rivals.

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