Monday, August 4, 2008 – ‘ The Boston Red Sox lost to the Kansas City Royals tonight, 4-2.

clay bucholz

The Royals really aren’t that bad of a team, for all that their record (before tonight’s game) was 52 - 60. They came in riding a 2-game winning streak and are playing well.

The Boston Red Sox, meanwhile, got little production out of their big hitters tonight. Jason Bay didn’t get a hit, nor did David Ortiz. Mike Lowell wasn’t in the game, as he’d strained his leg the previous night.

Jacoby Ellsbury was on the bench, as is usual when the team faces left-handed pitchers (in this case Gil Meche.)

Clay Bucholz didn’t have that bad of a game, and one of the four runs scored was really rather bogus. Thanks to the baggy uniforms most players these days wear, it’s easier for them to get “hit” without really being hit.

In this case, John Buck was up at bat with the bases loaded. Bucholz barely brushed his uniform at the midriff - a pitch from which Buck made no effort to get away from anyway - and a run scored.

Of course, that’s the game these days, and no one complained.

The Sox mounted a threat in the 9th inning, when Coco Crisp singled and then advanced to second on a bloop single by the red-hot Dustin Pedroia. David Ortiz came up to bat and advanced the runners with a ground out. Kevin Youkilis was walked, to load the bases and bring up Jason Bay.

Jason hit a grounder to the left side of the infield. Third base and second collided, and Jason was safe at first, and Jacoby Ellsbury (pinch-running for Pedroia) was safe at third.

Sean Casey, who’d played at first (with Youkilis at third for the night), hit a flyball to right field… and that was it.

Too suspenseful!

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