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Sports Pundit is a property of Zefur AB, based in Stockholm, Sweden. The business was founded in 2006 by two entrepreneurs with a long and successful track record in the online business space. Their vision was to create the world's no. 1 sports web, and so, the company’s mission for a few years ahead is to make sure we get there.

The site

Sports Pundit is a colossal sports community dedicated to sports fans across the globe. Today, it boasts one of the world's largest public sports databases, social betting on match results, a wide variety of current news and in-depth articles written by serious pundits, league results updated in real time, as well as extensive forums where our members can discuss their favorite stars and teams. Eventually, Sports Pundit will be the hub for sports regardless if you're a cricket fan from Bombay, a football fan from Boston, or a soccer fan from Madrid.

Our soccer section contains leagues, teams, and players from all the countries of the world, our cricket section probably mostly appeals to Brits, Indians, and Pakistanis, our football and baseball sections is primarily driven by North Americans. As site developers, it is our mission to make all of this work and we will do everything we can to create and develop a platform with room for new ideas and continuous improvement.

Your chance to develop

Sports Pundit grows and develops through its users. Ultimately, it's not the company, but the users, who will decide what will be written and in which direction Sports Pundit will develop. If something's not right, tell us and we'll fix it.

Anyone can contribute from scratch. Just by creating an account you're allowed to post in our forums, edit profiles and submit articles for publishing. Once you've gained recognition as a serious user with quality input we'll upgrade your status so that you can also add players and teams. And, if you continue to perform, we'll grant you pundit status and the opportunity to take charge of content development for your favorite team or local league. You will not only develop Sports Pundit, you will also develop on a professional level.

Our pundits

Sports pundits from across the world are currently contributing to the content development of the site. They are fans just like you. They love the game just like you. And they want to contribute just like you. Go ahead - be a pundit.

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You can get in touch with us through this page.