Birth date 21 Apr 1932 (86 years)
Nationality England England

Florence Angela Margaret Mortimer Barrett is a former number one British tennis player. Born in Plymouth, Devon, England. She married the veteran BBC commentator John Barrett. Mortimer won three grand slam single titles during the French championship in 1955, Australian championship in 1958 and in Wimbledon in 1961 when she was only 29 and half deaf.

She and Anne Shilcock won the women’s doubles title at the Wimbledon in 1955. Unfortunately, it was her only women’s doubles title career. Mortimer with Coghlan reached the finals of the women’s double at the Australian championship of 1958. And in that same year, she and Peter Newman reached the mixed doubles. And also, it was her only grand slam title for the mixed doubles.

Despite her physical impairment, she rose to fame. She recalled that some players would say, they have to hear the ball in order to hi I precisely, but she can’t. She can’t even hear the people’s applause fully. For her, having that disability had helped her to concentrate and manage to win her matches. Mortimer was a five foot six inches tall and started to play tennis when she was 15. Her speed and intelligence combined to produce one of the world’s famous tennis players.

Mortimer lost to Althea Gibson at Wimbledon finals of 1958. She played the Wightman Cup for six years helping Britain to win in 1960 with a critical victory over Janet Hopps and served as Captain for seven years. They were victorious on the time she was captain.

She was inducted on 1993 to the Hall of Fame of International Tennis.