Birth date 1 Aug 1921 (Deceased, was 88 years)
Nationality United States United States

Jack Albert Kramer – born on the 1st of August 1921 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA; he was most commonly known as “Jack”.World renowned tennis player, Jack Albert Kramer had already achieved international notice as a teenager in 1939 after he was chosen to play doubles, side by side with Joe Hunt during the Davis Cup finale versus Australia held in the United States. At 18, Kramer was considered the player to overcome the Cup title round.

Grand Slam Record:1947 Wimbledon Singles1946-47 Wimbledon Doubles

Tournament Record (U.S. championships): 1946-47 U.S. Singles1943 Singles finalist1940-41, 43, 47 Doubles1941 Mixed Doubles1940 Mixed Doubles finalist

Kramer belonged to a simple family of a blue-collar employee of the Union Pacific railroad. As a young boy, he was already an admirable versatile artist, particularly excellent in basketball and tennis. He was only 13 when he first discovered his dream. It happened after the family moved to San Bernardino, California where he saw Ellsworth Vines play – the world’s top player that time. This event had lead Kramer to concentrate on tennis. He was considered as the first player who ever play a consistent serve-and-volley game – he came to the net off all his serves which included the second serve.

Kramer was well recognized for his powerful serve and forehand. In his autobiography which he was able to finish in 1979, he stated that Helen Wills Moody was the best woman tennis player in the world – although he beat her in the game. In 1968, he was instated in the International Tennis Hall of Fame in New Port, Rhode Island. He attended the Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida where he, of course, played school’s in the tennis team (in 1941 and 1942 seasons anyway).