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Started: 04 PM, Sun Mar 25 2012 La Liga Venue: Estadio San Mamés Attendance: 35,000
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  • 0' The game was played in La Liga on Sunday March 25.
  • 17' Eguren was shown a yellow card.
  • 34' Castro was shown a yellow card.
  • 35' Botía was shown a yellow card.
  • 46' Ander Herrera was substituted for Ibai Gómez by Bilbao
  • 57' Formose Mendy was substituted for David Barral by Gijon
  • 62' Iván Hernández was shown a yellow card.
  • 67' Adrián Colunga was substituted for Ayoze by Gijon
  • 77' Bilbao took the lead when De Marcos scored the first goal.
  • 77' Muniain was credited with an assist.
  • 78' Eguren was substituted for Trejo by Gijon
  • 84' Muniain was substituted for Toquero by Bilbao
  • 85' De Marcos was shown a yellow card.
  • 87' Llorente was substituted for Iñigo Pérez by Bilbao
  • 90' Lora scored an equalizer into the game
  • 90' Aurtenetxe was shown a yellow card.



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