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The secret to FC Porto’s success

Often the English Premier League takes the focus of having the most successful clubs in Europe however it is important to broaden our horizons and explore the success of other clubs, notably the great FC Porto of Portugal. Thanks to their president Jorge Nuno Pinto da Costa the club has had huge success since the club was brought under his leadership in 1982, including winning the Champions League in 1987 and most recently the Portuguese Championship in 2011.

Another reason for their continued success is the fact that they base their recruitment of players on two different axes which are training and the recruitment of young players. This is a smart approach to recruitment especially for teams in the Liga Zon Sagres because these teams don’t get a huge amount of money for championship victories and the TV rights are also notably lower than in the other large championships of Europe.

Because of this, raising money has become an imperative for Portuguese clubs. FC Porto resorted to the purchase of many South American players such as Hulk, Falcao and Lisandro Lopez, who have since excelled in European football. By selling on these players after a few years FC Porto have been able to continue with success in Europe and are often able to purchase other players who are of a higher standard. As explains in one of their articles, FC Porto has made over €250 million profit in the last 5 years thanks to the trading of players, what a success!

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