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Top 10 Richest Football Clubs in the World

Here is a list of the top ten clubs in the world, in terms of their assets’ net worth in today’s market scenario:

10. Inter Milan – $413 million

The defending European Champions come in at the bottom-most position on the list. One look at their squad and you would probably see the huge salaries that drain their coffers.

09. Chelsea - $646 million

After the introduction of Roman Abramovich, there had been a distinct investment in the amount of money that was invested into the club. However, things have changed now and matters have settled, but the club still stays towards the lower end of this list.

08. Juventus - $656 million

The Old Lady may have just come out of enforced-relegation, but they are still in the top-ten list of the richest clubs in the world. Always there and thereabouts, even during their worst times, Juventus are truly a giant in the world of football.

07. AC Milan - $800 million

There is no bigger club in international club football, than AC Milan. With 19 trophies, they have the most titles and as things remain, they are still in the top ten richest clubs’ list. Going through a rebuilding phase at the moment, the club continues to be one that can bother the big guns even with a half-baked idea for a team.

06. Liverpool - $822 million

They are going through a major turmoil and despite a change in ownership, are looking to steady their ship on the football front. However, as far as money in the bank is concerned about, they are fit and fine.

05. Bayern Munich – $990 million

Extremely German, even in this aspect, Bayern Munich have maintained their ranking on this list for quite a few years now. Nobody tends to notice them due to the low amount of controversies or action associated with them. There is no doubt that they are a force to be reckoned with in all aspects of the sport.

04. FC Barcelona - $1 billion

They may have lost a bit of shine on the pitch but FC Barcelona are going from strength-to-strength off it. The team is spending slowly and wisely although their position on the football pitch may be under threat from the white side of Madrid.

03. Arsenal - $1.18 billion

One of the few clubs to actually make a profit, in the top ten, Arsenal have a fantastic management team and a brilliant policy to run the club. The fact that they are making so much money despite many big names in their squad is a testimony to how good they are in the boardroom.

02. Real Madrid - $1.32 billion

Have money, will spend! Real Madrid have been totally brash in the transfer market and with the kind of value they have today, it is no surprise that they are spending so much out there. They continue to be the richest and with the Maestro in the coaching seat, they might even get the best of the football world.

01. Manchester United - $1.84 billion

The ship is in turmoil with a poor season so far. However, there is no doubt that the team is capable of a lot more. After a lot of problems hit them when the Glazers took over, Manchester United have steadied their ship but still, the problem of dealing with their massive debt hangs on the boards’ head.

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