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Burnley v Manchester United live & preview EPL 2016-17

Burnley v Manchester United live & preview EPL 2016-17 Photo: IBL

Sean Dyche and his adamant Burnley side welcome Manchester United to Turf Moor in one of this week’s most anticipated matches. It is saying quite a lot to expect Burnley to beat United but such is the sway of Burnley’s home ground, they seem to be playing at a very high level at home.

Dyche has drilled his team into a highly effective defensive unit set up to nullify attacks in games away from home and they carry that into home games as well.

The crucial difference is that the team are provided with the license to break fast on the counter and spring an attack to hurt the opposition whenever possible. At home Burnley have used this simple strategy to great effect

Manchester United on the other hand are just coming back from beating Chelsea with a tactical masterclass that involved man marking Eden Hazard.

Ander Herrera was the player tasked with negating Hazard, and he did his job so well that Chelsea did not even have a shot on target. Herrera has stepped up quite well to fill the sort of role Jose Mourinho craves from his players and it is plain for all to see why Anthony Martial has not been afforded regular playing time this season.

A quick look at Burnley’s home stats tells us that they have won 32 points from 16 league games at home this season, an astonishing return that is better than what any newly promoted side have had since Charlton in the 2000/01 season. United would do well to hold their own here.

Five games have taken place in the league between the two sides and it has been quite even with two draws, two wins for United and one win for Burnley.

United are currently on an unbeaten streak that stretches back about four months, and in their last five games they have won three and drawn two. Burnley have lost two, drawn two and won only once in their last five.

Sitting at 14th comfortably may not be good for Burnley’s season given that they have still not crossed the 40 point barrier this season. United’s recent apathy against the small sides could be the perfect opportunity here for them to snag three points.

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