Birth date 9 Dec 1933 (Deceased, was 74 years)
Nationality United States United States

Orville Moody was a professional golfer. He was born in December 9, 1933 in Chickasha, Oklahoma.

Being the son of a golf course superintendent, it was inevitable that Moody would be passionately interested in golf, and would excel in the sport. Like most golfing legends, Moody began playing early; he played competitively in high school, winning the state high school championship for the Capitol Hill High School in 1952. After a short stint in college at the University of Oklahoma, he signed up for the United States Army. There, he spent fourteen (14) years as a maintenance supervisor and golf instructor.

However, golf proved to have the more potent pull for Moody, as he gave up his military career in 1967 for a trial play at the PGA tour. The decision to play professionally was the best that Moody has ever made, because his triumphs came one after the other, and the cash was not too bad either. Moody earned approximately $5,000.00 per year as a military sergeant; he earned $300,000.00 as golf pro.

Owing to his military career, Moody was nicknamed “Sarge” by his peers and his fans, who often regarded him as a ‘patriot first, and a golf pro second’. He was deemed to be a remarkable ball-striker, although his cross-handed putting grip proved to be an obstacle in his playing prowess.

Despite this, Moody has had twenty-one (21) professional wins, including a PGA Tour win at the U.S. open in 1969, and a triumph at the Hassan II Golf Trophy event in 1971. He has had more wins at the Senior PGA Tour, totaling at eleven (11), while he had eight other senior wins in other non-PGA events.

He died in on August 9th of this year from multiple myeloma in his Cypress Creek home in Texas. He was seventy-four (74) years old.

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