Keegan Bradley

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  • Profile image 46x46 - over 5 years ago

    Well done keegan , absolute tremendous victory you showed nerves of steel . And guess what I had total faith in you as I had £5e.w. at 125/1 to win it ! So thank you for paying for my holiday ! :-D

  • Profile image 46x46 Scott McDonald - over 5 years ago

    I have been an avid Golfer and Golf fan for many years now. While I am only 44 I have had a passion for the game and many of the storylines that go along with each and every winner. Phil Mickelson and Darren Clarke have been the most impressive in the way they handle themselves with the media, bad-shots and the fans. Enter Keegan Bradley and I am not just talking about this past weekend but how about the way he handled himself at Firestone as well. The gritty, never give up attitude empowered him to pressure Dufner and gave him the win. Then to top it off he showed his emotions instead of holding them in. I followed this youngman around the entire course on sunday through all the highs and even felt the lows of #15 when it seemed the tournament was gone. I am a huge Mickelson fan and Keegan Bradley has become my Phil-Equal. Keep it up, I believe there are many more wins in your future. see ya back in Atlanta in a few weeks.