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Mickelson wants Woods back

tiger woods World number two Phil Mickelson has insisted that the game of golf needs to Tiger Woods to return, sooner rather than later.

Woods is currently taking an indefinite break from the game due to personal problems and Mickelson believes golf is not the same without him.

Mickelson told reporters: “He’s got a lot more important things going on in his life but the game of golf needs him to come back.”

Mickelson and Woods have always appeared to have a frosty relationship both on and off the course but the world number two says the situation is quite the contrary and that he hopes everything works out for Woods during this difficult time.

“Amy and I are good friends with both Tiger and (his wife) Elin and we care deeply about how this turns out,” he said.

However, Mickelson was reluctant to say anything more about the situation saying it would be “a violation of our trust and our relationship”.

Mickelson was speaking at the Farmers Insurance Open in San Diego, California where he is making his first appearance of the season. Many [sports betting follow]({:rel=’nofollow’,:target=’_new’} experts see this as the year where Mickelson could dominate, but the left hander is not worrying about that and is just looking forward to the new season.

When asked about whether his chances of success have improved due to Woods’ absence Mickelson replied: “Nobody will be able to fill the shoes that are voided right now. My whole career I’ve been trying to get to number one, I just haven’t had much success.

“But this year, whether or not Tiger is in the field, I believe is an opportunity for me to compete in majors.

“I’m just excited to play golf. I’m excited to get back into competition and be a part of this.”

One thing is for sure though, as long as Tiger Woods is out of the game the [golf betting follow]({:rel=’nofollow’,:target=’_new’} markets for tournaments will be a lot more open.
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