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The Indian media has been spreading rumors of a rift between captain Dhoni and his second, Sehweg. But according to a news conference held yesterday, the team says they are ready to face the T20 World Cup as a united team. Dhoni and Sehweg sat at a table with the rest of the team gathered behind them. Dhoni read a statement stating, "As we prepare for the T20 World Cup, we are a superbly unified team. The team spirit is good with each individual supporting the other both on and off the field." I would hate to see a rift in the team cause this top team to struggle in the World Cup.

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It is vital for any team to put differences aside and to work together. The team is stronger if they can stick together. They don't have to agree with each other on every issue, but it is important that they support each other on and off the field. Team morality is important in any sport.

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