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Things That You Must Know While Playing Fantasy Cricket Contest On A Fantasy Cricket Game Website

If you happen to be a cricket enthusiast, who’s more than excited to revel in fantasy cricket game online than we guess that you are already registered on one of the leading fantasy gaming websites of India. If you haven’t, then you’ve just landed on the right page, because, today we will be talking about the things you ought to know before you dive into the astounding world of fantasy cricket. For what it’s worth, this knowledge bite will help you seamlessly enjoy fantasy cricket contests.

Beginning to Play

Once you’ve registered yourself on your preferred website, you can easily log in to the site using your credentials, whenever you wish to play.Next, you can go ahead to choose the match you wish to participate in. Then, click on the ‘Create Team’ tab to move ahead. Now, you must pick a team of 11 players, within your allocated budget. Your team must have a captain and vice-captain. Once your team is ready, you can go on to join any free or cash contest. In order to pay the entry fee for a cash contest, you can make use of your credit or debit card, or make use of the net banking facility. Now, all you need to do is wait for the on-ground match to begin. Once the match kick-starts, your fantasy team will start earning points, based on the performance of the players in the actual match. After the match is over, the total points for all the fantasy teams will be calculated. Based on the tally of points, the ranks of all the participants for the match will be displayed on the site. Needless to mention, the participant with the highest score, goes home as the winner.

Start Time

The start time for any fantasy match is right until the moment the deadline ends. More often than not, the deadline ends 1 hour before the stipulated start time of the actual match.

Team Selection

The process of team selection can be initiated by clicking on the ‘Create Team’ tab. You can then go ahead to pick a team of 11 players using the allocated virtual budget. Your dream team can only comprise of a maximum of 7 players from either of the playing sides. You must choose a captain and a vice-captain for your team.

Team Composition

In the team of 11, you will need to have a minimum of 3 batsmen, 3 bowlers, an all-rounder as well as a wicketkeeper. The remaining 3 players can belong to any category.

Changing Team Composition

For every new match that you intend to participate in, you will be required to create a new team.

Player Not Elected in the Playing 11

Well, the challenge is to speculate the proceedings of the match. You ought to choose players that not only get selected in the playing 11 but also perform well. If a player from the dream team doesn’t get the chance to play, you won’t be awarded any points for the same.

Need for Captain and Vice-Captain

Most platforms entitle the chosen captain to earn double the points, he has actually earned, and the vice-captain to earn 1.5 x his actual points. If you choose carefully, your captain and vice-captain can lead you to some astounding wins.We hope this simple yet imperative piece of information will help you kick-start a promising journey of fantasy cricket gaming! Till we meet next, Happy Gaming!

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