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Celtics fade in Game 4

With 4 minutes left to go in the 4th quarter, the Boston Celtics closed to with 5 points of the Detroit Pistons - 73-78.

After that, it was all Pistons. The final? 94-75.

That’s right, folks. In the final 4 minutes the Pistons scored 16 points, the Celtics 2.

Where was the great Paul Pierce who picks up his team and carries it on his back?

Pierce scored 16 points on the night, the same as Kevin Garnett. He was only 3-14 from the field. Garnet was 6-16. Ray Allen contributed 11, on 2-8 shooting. Kendrick Perkins scored 10.

On the Pistons side of the coin, Antonio McDyess scored 21 points on 8-14 shooting, Rip Hamilton was 8-10 for 20 points.

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