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Where did Baseball Come from

Baseball has been around for quite a long time now. In fact, references to baseball date back to as far as the late 1700s in Pittsfield, Massachusetts in a decree to prohibit the game near the town’s meeting house. However, before that, there have been vague references to baseball as a game of “bat and ball” in various British and American documents that date back to the early 1700s. The game of baseball has evolved from generation to generation, and this evolution may be quite hard to be precisely defined. The only consensus that people have is the fact that modern baseball did root from North American influences on the old game “rounders” (from Ireland and Great Britain), which is quite similar to softball and baseball except for some specific rules.

Baseball is, most of the time, associated with the United States, thus, it is popularly known as “America’s past time”, that is why Dr. Adam Ford is duly known in the world of American baseball fanatics as he was the first one to ever give a full documentation of a baseball game in North America back in June 4, 1838. He gave a quite modern description of that game in Ontario, Canada. However, the first official game to be ever recorded in America was later in 1846, June 19 at Hoboken, New Jersey. The rules of baseball were rooted from the Alexander Cartwright’s compiled list of rules in 1845.

But baseball has not only been making history in the United States. Around the world, baseball has been laying down marks and milestones in the history of sports. The first ever formal baseball league outside the United States was founded in 1878 in Cuba, along with other countries worldwide. They have been producing quality baseball teams and many baseball enthusiasts.

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