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What is Baseball?

What is Baseball? Photo: IBL
Kyle Hendricks, Chicago Cubs pitcher delivers a pitch in a game between Chicago Cubs and Milwaukee Brewers

Baseball is a very popular sport which involves two teams made up of, more or less, nine players. A baseball game is done in what we call a baseball field, which is played in a ninety-foot square (or diamond) situated in a very large open space. Baseball is oftentimes called a bat-and-ball game wherein a pitcher throws the baseball as fast and as hard as he (or she) could.

This action, in baseball terms, is called “pitching”. To receive the pitch, we have on the other side of the “diamond” is the batter who will attempt to hit the hard fist-sized baseball using a narrow cylindrical wooden bat. The goal is to drive the baseball across hard enough for the batting team to have a chance at a home run.

A baseball team will only get the opportunity to score when their team is the one batting. Their players move counter-clockwise past four consecutive markers at the corners of the “diamond” in the baseball field. These markers are called “bases” and are usually colored black or white. The team’s players may advance through hits, but after three outs recorded against the team, they lose the opportunity to score and their half-inning ends.

Innings are similar to “quarters” in basketball, and these are the periods wherein each team are given half of the whole inning time to bat and score runs. There are, all in all, nine innings in a baseball game. Baseball is especially popular in the United States and many baseball leagues are done there.

However, if one is not playing professional baseball, only perhaps backyard baseball or such, any long and hard object that will pass as a bat will just do, along with an open space as a field.

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  • Profile image 46x46 Jarrod H. - over 3 years ago

    Every real sport such as MLB, NBA, NHL, NFL, and MLS obviously have playoffs but the NBA is the only professional sport where the team to win the championship is just so damn predictable. It's the only sport in the postseason as u can say "true to form" b/c you know at the start who's going to win it all. It's always the number 1 or 2 seed from each conference to play in the finals......every other sports playoffs, you have no idea, like the royals a wild card team sweeping the Angels who had the best record in baseball, hockey....Carolina won the cup as an 8 seed and the president cup is a curse to receive, I'm from St. Louis and we got it one year, don't remember the year but we lost to the 8 seed in the first round, the MLS.....who the h*ll knows. The NFL's best team doesn't win every year, so far in the MLB playoffs it's been awesome, glad to see the Angels out to prove but it already has been.....leaving the cardinals was his biggest mistake, the extra money goes to the much much higher taxes and players always have their best seasons when playing w/ the cardinals including pitchers when Dave Duncan was with st. Louis

  • Profile image 46x46 Jarrod H. - over 3 years ago

    I watched the royals sweep the Angels (that's why I love baseball, even the wild card can win it all) but being a cardinal fan, it'd be awesome to get revenge on the royals from the '85 World Series when everyone and blind people knew deckenger totally got the out wrong when the runner was safe by 40 miles

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    This is the worst's paragraphs I have ever read

  • Profile image 46x46 Anonymous - over 4 years ago

    So clear information

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    good i am righting a report i think that the information will help?!?

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