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Dodgers Go Under .500 With Loss

*‘Monday, August 25, 2008 – * The Los Angeles Dodgers faced the Philadelphia Phillies tonight and were blanked, losing 5-0. Manny Ramirez was blanked also, going 0-4, including a chance in the 9th inning with two men on and one out to knock in a run. However, he struck out. manny ramirez

Ramirez has hit well for the Dodgers since his trade from the Boston Red Sox…but in the last few games his productivity has declined. However, Ramirez is too good of a hitter and will probaby bounce back soon.

Nevertheless, as a Red Sox fan, I must admit I’m rooting for Ramirez to fail. It’s one thing to want to leave your team because you don’t feel the owners appreciate you (after all, the owners only pay him $18,929,923 a year! How can he function when they diss him like that?) and another to give up on your teammates by not playing your best when you were in the field or at the plate, and that’s what Ramirez did.

In the game tonight, Dodgers pitcher Chad Billingsley took the loss, and is now at 12-10.

Phillies pitcher Brett Myers got the win, 7-10.

Jimmy Rollins had three hits and two RBI in the win. The Dodgers had plenty of hits themselves, but could never plate anyone. Indeed, Ramirez alone left 7 men on base.

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