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9 months ago

Yaa0all right .. as if th potty in the diapers was't engouh (for a movie comedy ) that it was to be served on one's plate to make it look INTELLECTUAL ..Spend crores to show just this one idea different in the whole movie What was so diferent other thn a sick stomach and using orange juice to wash ur ar#a4/#Grow up aamir you went in for an adult certification you didnt make movies for teenage kids who find potty'in and farting as joke material .I am sure there are many other jokes tht ppl find funny around but I would rather enjoy thm fr free on my cell phn sms, email spam but not spending 200 bucks to see th same crap online only becoz its aamir narrating it to me ..Delhi belly or just another sick belly

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over 2 years ago

I am eagerly waiting for Amir Khan's next fight against Danny Garcia. I hope he will win that game. ***Win Amir Khan Vs. Danny Garcia Fight Tickets for free at***

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