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over 1 year ago

This review is about the Vinyl only, not the album Dark Side of the Moon The music is a masretpiece and every one should own a copy no matter what type of music you listen too.I have recently started to collect vinyl because I have friends that go on and on about how much better is sounds that CD's. So I purchased this record and played it back to back with my CD. I delayed the record about 10 seconds so I could listen to the CD and then click it to the record. My CD play has an adjustable volume so I leveled them as close as possible. So I listened to the first half clicking it back and forth. I hate to say this to all you vinyl lovers. For about 95 percent of the music is sounded EXACTLY the same, and I mean no different, the drums sound the same, the vocals sound the same, the cymbals, the only difference I could hear was when the clocks chimed at the beginning of Time and they sound BETTER on the CD. Here is the problem, I have heard this album on SACD and I heard things in the music I have never heard from vinyl or compact disc. To me they are both flawed and do not represent master tapes that well. All you vinyl lovers really need to check out SACD or other new formats and give these records up.The cover, posters and stickers are cool. I collect music and I do like vinyl, but if you just want to listen to the Album buy the CD and same come cash.

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