Birth date 17 Jul 1963 (54 years)
Nationality Finland Finland

Matti Nykänen is a former Finnish ski jumper who is known for his achievements in skiing as for his exploits outside of the sport. He has won four Olympic gold medals and has five World Championship gold medals. He is also successful in his native Finland. He has won 13 gold medals in Finnish championships.

Nykänen is debatably one of the best ski jumpers that the sport has ever seen. He dominated the ski jumping sport in the 1980s. He won gold and silver medals at the 1984 winter Olympics held in Sarajevo. At the 1988 Olympics, he won three gold medals, one for the Individual Normal Hill and two more for the Individual Large Hill and the Team Large Hill. With his gold wins, Nykänen became the first ski jumper to win gold medals on both hills (large and normal) in a single Olympics.

Aside from his Olympic wins, Nykänen also won a gold medal in the1982 World championships in Olso. He won another in 1984 and then in 1985, 1987 and 1989, giving him a total gold medal win of five. He has also won three bronze medals and one silver medal in the games.

Nykänen also competed in the World Cup and won 46 competitions. He has also won the over-all World Cup title four times, a record he shares with Adam Malysz. Nykänen also competed in the Ski-flying world championships where he placed 5 times - wining 1 gold, 1 silver and 3 bronze medals.

Outside of his sporting career, Nykänen gained infamy, especially in Finland, because of his colorful activities. He has been married 5 times, twice to his current life partner. He has also been associated with stories of domestic violence, both as the attacker and the victim.

He has also dabbled in music, releasing songs, his latest in 2006.

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